Does Having a Chemical Peel Hurt?

By November 28, 2018 February 7th, 2019 Professional resources

We get asked this question frequently and so do some of our professionals, “Do Chemical Peels Hurt?”. We agree, the words ‘Chemical’ and ‘Peel’ next to each other in the same sentence does sound scary, however, we can assure you it isn’t scary. Although there are different types and depths of chemical peels, generally, Chemical Peels are a routine treatment that are relatively pain-free.

Everyone’s skin type is unique to them, someone with sensitive skin may feel a slight tingling sensation (which subsides after a few seconds) during a Chemical Peel compared to someone else whose skin isn’t so sensitive. During a Chemical Peel treatment, you may also experience a feeling of tightness to your skin and a slight raise in temperature. Although this being the case, The Perfect Peel has been specially formulated with sensitive skin in mind.

After having The Perfect Peel treatment, skin will be a little more sensitive and will continue to be so during the peeling process until the skin’s pH level is replenished. Those with any health conditions should check with their doctor prior to any chemical peel treatment.

Are Chemical Peels Safe?

Yes, Chemical Peels are safe. Like anything, make sure you visit a well-respected clinic to have a Chemical Peel. Visit our Clinics page to find a trained clinic / professional in The Perfect Peel near you (UK).

The Perfect Peel is extremely safe! It’s a self-controlling and self-limiting peel meaning that it automatically stops naturally so there is no risk of over-peeling of the skin.

Chemical Peel Downtime

Each Chemical Peel treatment is different to the next. The Perfect Peel treatment takes only 15 minutes to administer and the skin will appear pink / red immediately after. Peeling will begin around day three and will end by day six or seven.

If you are conscious of the appearance of the peeling, it would be advised to take a week off work. However, it isn’t necessary if you don’t mind having some loose skin visible. Makeup can be worn day two after the peel treatment and the loose skin can be gently cut off with scissors but never pull at the skin to remove it!

Free Consultation

Many professionals offer a free consultation, if you are unsure whether a Chemical Peel would be best suited to your skin and needs, speak with a professional.

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